School Rules


Students riding on school busses either to and from school or for school-sponsored activities are expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner.  Students who are unable to do so will have the privilege of riding on the school bus revoked for a maximum of 5 days.  These students will be responsible for finding alternate modes of transportation at their own cost.  For further information on school bus transportation please contact the office.


If your child is not at school you can expect a call from the school to ensure that your child is safe at home.  You can help reduce the time spent on this program by calling the school at 799.5745 if your child will be absent for any reason (going out of town, sick, medical appointments, etc).  Please call prior to 8:30 in the morning and prior to 1:00 in the afternoon.


As part of the classroom discipline plan, the teacher and students in each class will formulate a set of expected Classroom Behaviours and Consequences. These will be re-evaluated and adjusted as necessary on an on-going basis. Classroom rules must follow the spirit of the stated school rules, and should not in any way alter the intent of the school rules.  These rules are consistent with  the Fort McMurray Catholic School Board’s Discipline Policy.


Consumption or possession of liquor or non-prescription drugs on the school premises or on the school grounds is strictly prohibited.  These offences are treated very seriously and may result in suspension and/or expulsion from school together with the person being charged by the R.C.M.P.  This regulation also applies to students on school-sponsored activities.


Students are required to have dry, clean, non-scuffing runners within the school at all times.  These are to be kept in the school. The school is not responsible for shoes that go missing.  Please mark all your items clearly.


For boys and girls, clothing needs to be sufficient to conceal undergarments at all times. Spaghetti straps, halter-tops, off the shoulder, low cut tops and skirts & shorts shorter than mid thigh are prohibited.  These rules are in place for every grade from EEP to Grade 6.  If a student is dressed inappropriately, they may be asked to change to more suitable clothing. Flip flops should not be worn in school and kids should especially not wear them in phys. ed. classes.


Students are expected to complete all homework assignments.  If a student does not, the parents may be notified.  New concepts which require instruction will not be given to students as homework.  Assignments will consist of reinforcing skills and concepts already learned in class.   If a student is going to be absent three or more days, a parent can request homework assignments.  Please give adequate notice to ensure request if filled.


Under normal weather conditions, students will be expected to go outside for the recess and lunch break.  On days when it is raining or extremely cold (-20 or colder with the wind chill), students will be permitted to remain inside the school at recess/lunch breaks.


An infirmary is available for students who are ill or injured.  If a child is placed in the infirmary, they are allowed to remain for a maximum of 20 minutes.  After that time, if they still feel unwell, parents will be contacted to pick them up.  Parents will be contacted to pick up their children for any potential serious injury.  Students must receive a permission slip from their teacher to have access to the infirmary and must sign out at the office if they are leaving the school for any appointment or for other reasons.

Parents, please remember that if you deem your child to be too sick to go outside for recess, they are too sick to attend school.


Students are expected to arrive regularly and on time each and every school day.  Students who do arrive late, must obtain a late slip from the main office before they go to class.  Parents will be informed if students are regularly late or absent. After school detention may be a consequence of habitual lateness.

Students may be absent only with parental consent.  The school must be notified if a student has parental permission to be away from school.  It is the responsibility of the student to make arrangements to complete any missed work.


Half lockers will be provided for  students in grades 4 – 6.  Students are to supply their own combination lock.  Gym runners, clothing, school materials, and private belongings may be stored in the lockers. Lockers are the property of the school and are subject to search at any time. Students are advised to keep their combination numbers confidential, and to give combinations to the teacher to have on file should problems arise. The school is not responsible for any items stolen from lockers.


Supervised classroom lunch facilities are provided for grades 1 – 6.  Appropriate manners are expected from each student.  Those who are unable to use appropriate conduct in the classroom during the lunch break will lose the privilege of remaining at school for lunch.


Parent volunteers add to the educational programs at St. Gabriel School.  If you are able to volunteer your assistance, please contact your child’s teacher(s) or the office.  You are also invited to join our coffee mornings for volunteers to get together and assist in the school.  Please contact the office for more information.


Parking at our school is limited.  Do not park in the bus unloading/loading zones during bus drop off and pick up times.  As well, parents are reminded that, keeping the safety of our students in mind at all times, they are not to use the staff parking lot at any time.


In order to keep our records accurate regarding students’ personal information (address, work and home phone numbers, emergency contacts, medical problems, etc.) we request that you contact the secretary to advise of any changes that may occur during the year.  It is particularly important for this information to be current in the event of an emergency.  Please note that this information is strictly confidential.


1.    Any activity in the gymnasium requires proper dress (non-scuff shoes, t-shirts,and shorts or sweat pants).

2.    The teacher is not responsible for lost items left in the gymnasium.

3.    Students are required to participate under all situations, unless they have a medical exemption.


Students will receive three report cards during the school year.  Parent – Teacher interviews are an important component of the reporting period.  Interviews will be held at the end of the first and second reporting periods.  Other conferences will be held at the request of the parents, students and/or teachers.  Report cards are based on academic achievement, classroom attitude, and behavior.


A School Council is in place at St. Gabriel School.  This is an important opportunity for parents to become actively involved in the school.  We appreciate the commitment that our parent council members make to our school.  An organizational meeting will be called early in the school year to discuss the present school years’ plans.  Monthly meetings take place on the second Wednesday of the month from 6:30-8:00pm.  Babysitting is provided, courtesy of council.  Please consider joining us this year!


Students who are involved in school-sponsored activities which take them off school property are considered “ambassadors” of St. Gabriel School.  In this regard, student conduct is to be of an exemplary nature.  Anything less will be considered a major school violation deserving of appropriate consequences.


Due to the high incident of injury, skateboard/rollerblade use is not permitted on school property.  These items should be left at home.


If students choose to ride their bicycles to school, they must dismount the bike once they reach the schoolgrounds, and walk to the bike rack.


The Fort McMurray Catholic Schools are smoke-free facilities.  Smoking is prohibited within the school and on school grounds.  This regulation also applies to students on school-sponsored activities


When regular teachers are absent, their replacements face a particularly difficult task.  They are required to present someone else’s lessons to a group or groups they are not familiar with.  Students are required to perform for substitute teachers in the same manner they do for their regular teachers.


Students are provided with textbooks in each of their core subject areas and complimentary subjects if warranted.    Normal wear is expected throughout the year, but if books are lost or damaged beyond normal wear, students will be expected to pay the cost of replacing them. Students will be given a list of supplies by each of their subject teachers at the beginning of the school year.


The general rule is not to interrupt classes except in emergencies.  Students will be called to the office to receive a message at the breaks.  Students must request permission from their teacher before using the telephone.  The telephone should be used for emergencies only.